RE/MAX Investor Center Implementation Instructions


There are two things that need to be done:

1) Put the Investor Center on the website. Use the link below to access OwnAmerica's Affiliate Center where there are several choices of banner graphics that can be placed on our site that link to the investor center. These graphics are embedded with a tracking code so all registrants are directed to you.

Click here to access the Affiliate Center:

Use these Affiliate Center Login Credentials:

User Name:a1738

Click here to view a short tutorial on navigating the Affiliate Center:


2) Create an email address for OwnAmerica leads. This system generates an email when a user registers for the free training course. You need to decide what email address you will use. When you create the email address, please send it to OwnAmerica Customer Support at

When you test: VERY IMPORTANT!!!


1. Make sure you clear all of your Cookies before you test, each time you test

2. Close your internet browser each time you test

3. Make sure you are using a totally new name AND email address that is not in our system. You can only test with the same name once and email once.

 The reason for the steps is that our system is very complex, it "remembers" when a computer and a specific registrant has accessed the system .

When you are ready to test, and would like some help in doing so, feel free to call our Ops Manager: Jennifer Aponte at 914-481-5774x200


If you have any questions, please reach out to your main contact at OwnAmerica. Thanks!